Male. Heir of Noble House Boranova. Lost his temper on his disciplinary hearing and got himself expelled (before the story starts) from the academy during his second year. Tall, blond, and with vivid orange eyes that had a slitted iris and made him look sort of like a snake. [1]Used to be Zorian's classmate. Zorian describes him as a menace and says it's a shame that he wasn't expelled earlier[2].

Zorian claims that Zach and Veyers hated each other and in their second year he punched Zack in the face during class which Zach has no memory of it.[3]

Veyers is confirmed to have been removed from the time loop; his body can be found at the start of each loop in the house of Jornak Dokochin, a lawyer for the Cult of the Dragon Below; Veyers occasionally acted as Jornak's informant when it came to his classmates and regarding the gossip of the Boranova family.[4]

It was thought at one stage that Veyers may have been red robe however this has since been discounted and it appears more likely that red-robe removed him from the time loop either for other reasons or because he is connected to him somehow.

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