Tesen Zveri is a seventh circle mage. He is a high ranking politician and one of the Elders of Eldemar. He is also Zach's guardian[1]. Zach hates him because while it is not widely known he sold of nearly everything Zach's families owned to his friends and associates for pocket change while paying himself a huge caretaker fee[2]. Zach beating him up at the start of a restart is a rather routine occurrence[1].

Details about him screwing Zach Edit

The appointment of Tesen Zveri to the position of Zach’s caretaker was completely devoid of controversy at the time the decision was made. Tesen Zveri was the patriarch of Noble House Zveri, who had been close allies of House Noveda, and his reputation had been quite good at the time. Thus, when Tesen nominated himself for the position of Zach’s caretaker, few people had any objections. He was a high-ranking nobleman, a powerful mage and an ally of the House that he was supposed to care for so who would object?[3]. He got away with it because House Zveri was largely intact and the crown didn't want to alienate one of their major remaining allies at a time where they could ill afford to do so. Plus Tesen gave a lot of the wealth to the crown and was rather generous about spreading the Novedas’ wealth around in general[3].

Another reason he got away with it is that Tesen was always going to end up selling of a lot of Noveda properties and halting many of their activities, even if he had been acting in good faith. The problem was more about who he sold things to and at what prices. He was supposed to slim down Noble House Noveda down to a strong, manageable core. Instead, he used virtually all of their wealth to enrich his family and further his political career, leaving only a tiny sliver to Zach. But that’s not something that is immediately obvious to casual inspection. You would have to launch an investigation into the matter to prove anything, and that would give Tesen plenty of time to mobilize his connections and shut you down before you get anywhere. Zach might not have know about all this before the time loop[3].

The Sovereign Gate Edit

The sovereign gate was a heirloom of Zach's family before Tesen gave it to the crown. Now it is being studied in the time magic research facility deep beneath Cyoria[4].

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