Sudomir is the mayor of Knyazov Dveri. Among the citizens of the city he is viewed as a man who will do anything for his city to prosper, even activities bordering on illegality. But because the city has flourished under him, his people refuse to oust him for something that only might be. Gurey Cwili asked Zorien to investigate a fellow merchant named Vazen because Gurey suspected unfair play due to Vazan sudden company's expansion. During the investigation Zorien discovered that Sudomir has used Vazan as an intermediate to do several of his shady errand. Zorien briefly investigated Sudomirs home in the Highlands, but was intercepted by security and decided to back off.

Much later when Zorian was passing through the portal that allowed the invaders to come to Cyoria, he found himself in Sudomirs basement surrounded by the undead. Turned out that Sudomir happened to be a powerful necromancer and he wasn't part of the invaders or Esoteric Order of the Celestial Dragon, but rather he supported the invasion for 'political' reasons. These reasons turned out to be his Soul Well, located in the middle of his house. This well would drag the souls of the dying in Cyoria through the portal and into the well, serving as a huge mana battery. In the following battle between Zorian and Sudomir, Sudomir lost his sanity and turned into a hybrid dragon troll monster of some kind, defeating Zorian's golem army and preventing Zorian from investigating further.

Zorian's mind reading later told him that Sudomir planned to help the invasion so that Quatch-Ichl would help him resurrect his wife as a lich (whose soul was stored in his mansion) and become the saviour of Eldemar with his massive Soul Well and legalize necromancy.