Zorian's mother, Cikan Kazinski. She is a strict and exacting woman. She is highly concerned about family honor. She told Kirielle that she has a strong belief in old-fashioned gender roles and that is why she wants to prevent Kirielle from studying magic. In reality, she has been deeply scarred from her experience of being the daughter of a witch, being ostracized and shunned because of it. She hopes that by marrying Kirielle off early and preventing her from learning magic, she will be spared the same childhood.

She treats her children so strictly that she might be considered mentally abusive. Nonetheless, she provides financial support to her family. She is close-minded and obsessed with the status of her family. She fakes religion for status. Zorian and Kirielle both dislike her greatly.

She begins each restart by criticizing something about Zorian. She also asks him to take Kirielle with him to the academy while she travels to Koth.

Her relationship with Zorian is so bad that it takes him six years of restarts to "have a chat about things" with her, and he only does that much because he needs information about Damien (ch. 66).

At the beginning of the restarts she is about to depart for Koth with her husband to visit Damien. She is displeased that Damien is planning to marry a woman so far away, and thus will be unable to run the family business or grant the family more local influence. Her trip to Koth is an attempt to dissuade him from doing so.

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