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Friction Press Links (Main Place to Read the Story Online) Edit

Mother of Learning at Fictionpress (Most Popular place to read. Where the author updates it.)

Author's Fiction Press Profile (Tells you when the next chapter comes out and answers some FAQ)

Author's Mother of Learning Blog Edit

Mother of Learning Universe

Author's Patreon (For People who want to send him money) Edit

Domagoj Kurmaic is creating Stories

Ebook version Edit

Asdkant provides ebooks and MoL Scraper:

Antigrapist has made up to date ebooks of MoL:

jkwrites made ebooks that contain up to chapter 57:


MOBI (Kindle):

EPUB (Other readers):

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Maps Edit

In case you're curious about how the setting looks like, you can see a rudimentary map of Altazia here. There is another map focused on political divisions and city placements here. Another map here shows how Altazia is divided up.

These maps can be on the wiki here.

Translations Edit

Here is someone's Russian translation of the story.

Mother of Learning Discussions Edit

Dark Lord Potter Discussion 

Animesuki Forums Discussion

SpaceBattles.Com Discussion Discussion

Alternative Places To Read the Story Edit

baka-tsuki (Not up to Date)

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Mother of Learning TV Tropes Page