Mother of Learning is a fictional story written by Domagoj Kurmaic, a Croatian author. It has three arcs, and we are currently in the second arc, and many events within it were planned in advance. It is current hosted on fictionpress[1] and is funded by the author's love and patreon[2]. After completing the story the author may release it as a novel.

It was inspired by D&D magic, Planescape as a setting, Naruto and Harry Potter, especially fanfiction, the Avernum/Exile series and its talking spiders and dungeon, roguelikes such as NetHack, Angband, Stone Soup, and Dwarf Fortress. Fullmetal Alchemist manga and the Urbis D&D setting inspired the technological era, and deviant art images and worldbuilding along with inspired a lot of the world building.[3]


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