A Morlock with a feminine voice, bone white hair and intense blue eyes. He is Alchemy expert, who also had experience in Soul magic and possede the ability of Soul Sight. He has a daughter named Kana, his wife Namira and mother by law Fria both died during the Weeping which inspired him to become the greatest healer in the world so such an event would never occur again.

Zorian tells him about the time loop when he's in Cyoria and has started doing so after he and Kael became good friends due to them being roomate during the restart where Zorian brought Kiri and her becoming friendly with Kana. Zorian helps Kael by remembering the content of his experiments and providing him with large amount of Alchemy materials. Kael often helps Zorian with his problems, for example he gave him a list of people who could help him protect himself from Soul Magic and during one restart even enchanted a coin which was capable of seperating the lich Quatach-Ichl from his body when it entered physical contact with him.