House Noveda had been fundamentally a military house, even if they were active in a lot of other fields as well. Every male member was expected to serve at least a few years in their youth. Quite a lot of female members enlisted as well. Very closely connected to the Eldemar royal family and very traditionalist in attitude, the Noveda supported Eldemar's military ambitions in the Splinter Wars, losing many members.

The Weeping killed all the remaining members except Zach, after which the Crown appointed Tesen Zveri as the caretaker of the Noveda estates. Tinami claims he beggared the House by collecting a large salary and selling off it's wealth for low prices. Zach and Tesen do not get along.

Headquarters is in Cyoria.

Head of House: None. Tesen Zvari is caretaker until Zach comes of age.

Heir: Zach

Living members:

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