Major city in the Alliance of Eldemar. It's the go to destination for everything magical, and also were Zorian goes to school to learn magic. Zorian thoughts on the city.

It was one of the most developed and largest cities in the world, which was at first glance strange, as Cyoria was dangerously close to monster-infested wilderness and wasn't in a favorable trade location. What really catapulted its way to prominence was the massive circular hole on the west side of the city – probably the most obvious Dungeon entrance ever and the only rank 9 mana well known to exist. The absolutely massive quantities of mana gushing out from the underworld have made the spot an irresistible magnet for mages, who flock here to this very day. The presence of such a huge number of mages made Cyoria unlike any other city in the continent, both in the culture of the people living there and, more obviously, in the architecture of the city itself. A lot of things that would be too impractical to build elsewhere were routinely done here, and it made for an inspiring sight if you could find a good spot to watch the city from.

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