They were tough, agile, fast, could change their the color of their hide so rapidly they were virtually invisible to the human eye, and routinely reached about 3.5 meters in length. They also sometimes hunted in groups, and had no compunctions about preying on humans. Green Hell was absolutely crawling with them for some reason.

Chameleon Drakes live in the jungles of Koth. They are large reptilian creatures covered in hard, durable scales. They reach about 3.5 meters in length. They have four eyes that can all look in a different direction simultaneously. They also have the ability to change color so rapidly that they are nearly invisible except when moving quickly. They can perform some sort of attack with their tongue.

Damien's party runs into a huge nest of over 100 chameleon drakes located over the cave containing the Imperial Orb[1]. The party slays a large number of the drakes, causing them to retreat and call for a hydra to assist them.

  1. Chapter 68