An attack on Cyoria by Ulquaan Ibasa, led by Quatch-Ichl a powerful lich. With Eldemar weak from the Splinter Wars and the Weeping, a large faction intended to attack Cyoria, weakening Eldemar and ruining any chance of their allies in Ulquaan Ibasa making peace with Eldemar. To do this they enlisted the aid of the Esoteric Order of the Celestial Dragon (with the promise of summoning a primordial) and the undead hordes and winter wolves and iron beaks of Sudomir Kandrei (with the promise of bringing back his wife as a lich) and a number of their own mages. They used a newly designed Bakoran gate to transport a small army of troops to the tunnels under Cyoria including mages and trolls.

Their plan was to summon high level demons and fire elementals (which failed due to the time loop cutting off the spiritual planes) bombard the city with artillery fire, and have their mages, trolls, skeletons, winter wolves, worm monsters, and iron beaks attack Cyoria as a distraction while a group of the Estoric Order of the Celestial Dragon used the planetary alignment and at least five shifter children in a ritual to punch through the planar barriers and summon a primordial from a pocket dimension. This primordial would ideally rampage around for a few weeks, destroying Cyoria and much of Eldemar while important members of the Ulquaan Ibasa leadership teleported away to safety.

In the time loop their attack has been aided by Red Robe, who supplied information on where to fire artillery at and how the warding schemes worked. Later Zorian and the Aranean forces disrupted the invasion in various ways.